I quit sugar cook book for kids

I Quit Sugar Kids – the No.1 must-buy Kids Cookbook

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Healthy, sugar-free recipes just for kids!


Just when you thought it was impossible to find healthy, sugar-free recipes that your kids will actually like, out comes Sarah Wilson to save the day (and meal-time anguish!) with her I Quit Sugar – Kids Cookbook.

This little number comes in pdf form and is filled with many wonderful recipes that your little ones will adore! Think healthy sugar-free versions of:

  • Bounty Bars
  • Raspberry Spiders
  • Nachoes
  • Ham and Cheese Pizza
  • Chips

Sound too good to be true? Well you better believe it and get prepared to immerse yourself in the 85+ recipes, which cover a range of kids food categories, being:

  • Breakfast: Specifically created recipes for your little one’s brain power, to kick-start the day.
  • Party Food: Delicious cakes, treats, drinks and ice-creams.
  • Out & About: Fun finger foods, which you can grab and go, when out and about.
  • The Lunch Box: Time and money-saving, easy lunch and snack box recipes.
  • Popular Meals:  Popular meals with an IQS twist – think pizza and nachos.
  • Hidden Vegetables: Lots of ways to sneak in vegetables, without the fuss.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to buy this fantastic kids cookbook now!

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