Why you should do the Whole30

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Why We’re doing it & Why you should do the Whole30

My husband and I are doing the Whole30 [the healthiest, most natural Paleo diet, for 30 days – it’s about ‘what’ we eat, not ‘how much’]. We decided last weekend. The timing was perfect and not even planned, for our first day was Monday, the 1st of September, the first day of Spring. Can you get a fresher start?! It felt so right.

Tip – always start on a Monday or the first day of the month – there’s something that makes it psychologically more manageable, plus if you start on the Monday, you’ve got the weekend for a last hurrah! (hey – we’re all human!)


Prioritise your Health

It took only a couple of days to commit. We’re so busy this month with several interstate trips and weddings. It was argued that “right now, isn’t a good time”. But it’s easy to say that no time is a good time.  It’s like getting married and having babies (seriously!) – if you want it that badly, YOU JUST HAVE TO DO IT. If you want it that badly, YOU WILL FIT IT IN. It’s your health – prioritise it.

Tip – Look at your calendar. Remember that if you’re busy now – it’s only going to get busier closer to Christmas. You might have to cancel some appointments. You might have to take a packed lunch to work. You might just have to drive when you go out.

One Body ~ One Life ~ Look After It

It’s so easy to forget that we only have one body, one heart, one liver, one set of lungs and kidneys respectively and one layer of skin. We have to look after ourselves. You can buy all the designer clothes you like, but behind all of that is still the same old body. Lifestyle, smoking, drinking, inactivity and eating the wrong diet – all wears us down eventually and if you don’t look after and nourish your body correctly, you will look and feel old… old beyond your years and potentially burdened by degenerative disease (think cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity & so forth) – completely undesirable, right? You might have spotty skin, hit the wall in the afternoon, have difficulty sleeping…. it’s often all food related….

Ask Yourself – Take a good look at yourself. How do you look? How do you feel? What have you been eating? Do you smoke, drink, exercise? How do your clothes fit? Do you already have a health condition or take medication? Do you want change?

A real life “Why”

Speaking of disease, my mother died of breast cancer at 58. If I live the same short life that my mother did – I’ve already lived half my life – eek! (Yep that’s right, I turned 29 last year). Similarly, my father-in-law died of heart disease at 70. If my husband follows in his father’s footsteps, then he too coincidentally,  has already lived half his life – (obligatory “eek!” again!)

So, like many of you out there, we can already tick the family history boxes for cancer and heart disease and we both have living relatives with type-2 diabetes too. There’s no obesity though, so at least we’re winning there! But in any event, this is not the future that we want for ourselves, nor an example we want to lead for our babies. I was only 24 when my mum died and 28 when my Dad died and that’s way too young. But it can all be changed for future generations. Like we have done, you just have to start now – start looking after yourself – it’s never too late. We want to be there when our son gets married and we want to meet our grandchildren and to watch them grow. So if that’s not enough of an incentive, then what is?

Tip – Look inside your own family for motivation.

Ask yourself – Are your parents or grandparents still alive? Are they fit and agile? Or do they take medication and if so, for what? For those family members you have lost: What happened? How long did they live? How could these outcomes have been avoided? Finally, is this the future you want for yourself? Is this the example you want to set and carry on for your own children?

More on the Whole30

The Whole30 is about getting back to basics. It’s “Paleo” of the strictist kind. However, it’s ironically the easiest thing I’ve ever done because there’s no measuring of anything and there’s no bamboozling when shopping either. It’s not about ‘what’ you eat, not ‘how much’.

paleo meat sign

We’re eating:

  • Fresh Meat and Fish
  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Fresh Fruit (limited dried fruit)
  • Nuts
  • Seeds

We’re avoiding:

  • Smoked, cured meats
  • Soy products
  • Sugar (of all kinds, except fruit)
  • Grains
  • Dairy
  • Legumes
  • Alcohol
  • Processed, packaged food, junk food.

One Week In

It’s day 6 and so far it’s been so easy.

Grocery shopping is easier. Instead of getting lost and confused by the millions of choices in the aisles, I spend my time only in the fresh food section. The options are so much fewer, so I’m quicker to make decisions on what to buy. Because the food is fresh, I don’t need to waste time, standing to read ingredients and wonder if they are okay.

Because the food is fresh it’s easier and quicker to prepare. Lots of fruit and vege can be eaten raw and if cooked, they don’t take long. (Grains take forever to cook). Everything is simpler. My mind is focused. It’s week one and I feel good.

Sample Menu

This is what I had today:

Breakfast- 2 egg omelette with banana, blueberries, strawberries and flaked almonds

Snack – Peppermint tea

Lunch – Large salad: chicken, almonds, tomatos, avocado, baby spinach, mushroom

Snack – Paleo ‘Sorbet’ (frozen banana, strawberries & dates, blended)

Dinner – Beef & Vegetable Casserole

Tell me more

To find out more about the Whole3o, go to their website here. I’ll be sure to post week by week updates and recipes too. Think of this as a favour – I’m trialling this for you. So far, I can’t recommend it more, but lets wait and see…I’m excited!


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