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Paleo Banana Bread with Coconut and Sultanas

  Gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, nut free, grain free Last night, Little Mr R insisted on cake…. well we didn’t have any, but I did have a fridge stocked with wholesome ingredients, so he and I set about making a mess and somehow we actually yielded a fine little cake, which was truly […]


Hazelnut Banana Cake: Gluten & Dairy Free

Hazelnut Banana Cake gluten free || dairy free || grain free || wheat free || soy free || paleo   Moist, sweet and perfectly hazelnutty – that’s how this cake rolls in the mouth – its divine and incredibly versatile. It contains nuts, so while it’s unsuitable for the school lunch box, it can be packed in […]


Paleo Banana and Pecan Muffins

Paleo Banana and Pecan Muffins – Dairy, Gluten, Grain & Sugar Free On Thursday morning, I enjoyed the most delightful freshly baked and still warm from the oven homemade banana bread at my friend Jess’s house. Our morning tea was made all the more delicious with the addition of coffees from Adriano Zumbo’s boutique patisserie […]


Banana & Almond ‘Chocolate’ Tart

*When I say ‘chocolate’, I mean Carob and I’m sorry, but what happened to carob anyway? Why is it so uncool? Was it ever popular? It must have been to have found its way to my fridge and to have stayed there for over two years… and so here in lies the background to this recipe…. […]


Easy Vegan Christmas Pudding

 Easy Vegan Christmas Pudding – The Healthiest Christmas Dessert EVER Nut free || Gluten free || Grain free || Dairy free || Refined Sugar free || Soy free || Vegan || Egg Free My mum used to make a delicious Christmas Pudding and as much as I’d love to indulge in it today, some of the ingredients just don’t sit […]


Sunshine Raspberry Smoothie

This absolutely delightful Raspberry Smoothie is inspired by the clever people from the raw vegan smoothie stall at the Noosa Farmers Market. (If you haven’t been, then you must go! See here for details). Noosa Farmers Market is one of the top farmers markets on the east coast, with a great abundance of stalls offering locally grown produce (think: figs, […]


Wholemeal Spelt Fruit Loaf

Because we can’t have green smoothies for breakfast everyday… This incredibly wholesome fruit loaf is hard to resist when it’s baked fresh and while it’s delightful toasted and served with fresh ricotta and grilled banana, it’s also just as mouth-watering with a simple yet cheeky lashing of organic butter. It’s also totally little-person safe and makes […]