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I Quit Sugar Kids – the No.1 must-buy Kids Cookbook

Healthy, sugar-free recipes just for kids! Just when you thought it was impossible to find healthy, sugar-free recipes that your kids will actually like, out comes Sarah Wilson to save the day (and meal-time anguish!) with her I Quit Sugar – Kids Cookbook. This little number comes in pdf form and is filled with many […]

Wholemeal Spelt, Pumpkin & Raisin Loaf

refined-sugar free, dairy free, nut free, wheat free This low sugarrecipe (think fruit loaf in the form of a ‘cake’!), provides a great opportunity to use a lot of pumpkin in the one go. It requires little less than a quarter of a small Jap (Kent) Pumpkin and the finished product makes for a wonderful snack for […]

Gluten-Free Chocolate Energy Bars

  This recipe provides an excellent alternative to your typical store-bought muesli bars, which often contain a multitude of nasty ingredients (think preservatives and gums) as well as refined white cane sugar, soy, vegetable oils and gluten to name only a few! These bars, however, provide long lasting energy and the raw cacao powder and nibs […]

How to make Gluten Free Panforte

Traditionally Panforte is filled with dried figs and roasted nuts and set in a rich chocolate and chewy caramel. It’s a Christmas treat to-die-for and this Gluten Free Panforte is no exception! This recipe is based on that of my favourite food magazine, Gourmet Traveller. Check out the conventional version of this traditional Italian Christmas recipe here, […]

Superfood White Christmas

Superfood White Christmas ~ A journey from sickly sweet, to superfood healthy… The problem with traditional recipes… Research has revealed that old-fashioned White Christmas recipes, often contain: copha dried milk powder icing sugar coconut mixed nuts, raisins, glace cherries and crystallized ginger rice bubbles vanilla essence Whereas, modern simplified recipes often call-for white chocolate in […]

Gluten Free Rum Ball Recipe

Gluten Free Rum Ball Recipe to the rescue As the warm weather approaches, I’m sure you could think of little worse than slaving in a hot kitchen, baking short-bread or Christmas mince pies – you know the kind of sweet-baked treats we’re obliged to offer guests over the Christmas break? Apart from being notoriously messy and […]

Homemade Chicken Nugget Recipe – Gluten Free

The timing couldn’t be more perfect that I should have a recipe solution to address the world’s concerns over the disgraceful quality and revolting, let alone unidentifiable ingredients found in chicken nuggets recently. Perhaps you’ve read recent News.com (au) articles Chicken Nuggets under the Microscope where the Natural News Forensic Food Lab found  “strange fibres, blue […]

Sugar-Free Blueberry Hotcakes

You better believe it… this recipe has absolutely no added sugar and is completely wheat and dairy free.  It tastes so naughty, but makes you feel so nice…. It’s Heaven on a plate! The recipe makes eight and serves two when accompanied with extra fresh fruit and a good dousing of the ‘caramel’ sauce. Makes […]

Wholemeal Spelt Fruit Loaf

Because we can’t have green smoothies for breakfast everyday… This incredibly wholesome fruit loaf is hard to resist when it’s baked fresh and while it’s delightful toasted and served with fresh ricotta and grilled banana, it’s also just as mouth-watering with a simple yet cheeky lashing of organic butter. It’s also totally little-person safe and makes […]

Gluten Free Kofta Meat Balls

  Maybe you’re having a quiet weekend, or maybe you’re hosting a party? Either way, these Kofta Inspired Meatballs are bound to be your perfect go-to recipe.  They are quick and inexpensive to make, healthy, paleo, …. Just name a box and they’ll tick it – boom! Before I go any further – I must […]

‘Chocolate’ & Cinnamon Roasted Hazelnuts

  These roasted hazelnuts make chomping on nuts just that bit more and exciting and addictive! The recipe requires only one bowl, one spoon, one baking tray and 20-25 minutes of my time – i.e. very little effort, very few dirty dishes and very little time at all! There are absolutely no nasties in the […]

Curry Roasted Cashews

These Curry Roasted Cashews make chomping on nuts just that bit more and exciting and addictive! There are absolutely no nasties in the ingredients, just pure whole-foods including organic spices*, celtic sea salt, coconut oil and of course, raw cashews. With quality ingredients such as these, you just can’t go wrong. *I used Gourmet Organic Herbs – […]

Paleo Tuna Cakes

 I’m avoiding grains including GF grains at the moment – it’s a personal choice, but I feel much better for it.  Here’s why:  When one consumes a meal in the form of a ‘sandwich’, that meal is predominantly comprised of bread, made from grain – it’s filling – it fills you up. Tick? No, it doesn’t. […]

15-Minute, Super Sweet Jam – No added sugar!

gluten free, dairy free, no-added sugar Call me old fashioned, but I love jam. I haven’t eaten it in ages though, because it’s sooooo sugar-laden FYI if you’ve never made it before – conventional jam has a ratio of 1:1 fruit to sugar…thus 1 teaspoon of jam is pretty much 1 teaspoon of sugar. It’s perfectly […]

Fig & Hazelnut Chocolate Fingers

These are crazily divine and something I created totally on a whim. Provided you have the ingredients on-hand, then you too, can be devouring these fingers of chocolately goodness within 30 minutes of reading this post!…. and it all started like this: Last night, I prepared dinner as I normally do on Wednesday nights. It […]