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Salted Caramel and Macadamia Dream

…. because no other words better describe these macadamia-nutty, salted-caramelly, white chocolately and delightfully fudgey squares of Paleo goodness. They are in every sense of the words a: Salted Caramel and Macadamia Dream… This recipe evolved last week, because, everyone seems to be doing the salted-caramel thing and I wanted in! ‘Salted Caramel’ – just hearing those words […]

Healthy Chocolate Frappe Recipe

Healthy Chocolate Frappe – the Ultimate Cold Beverage If you’re looking for an ice-cold, refreshing, hunger-busting, mood-boosting, feel-good drink/smoothie/frozen dessert (call it what you like), then this Healthy Chocolate Frappe Recipe is for you! This Healthy Chocolate Frappe is the ultimate of cold beverages. It’s majestic, it’s thirst and hunger quenching. It’s made with some seriously healthy, yet simple […]

Dried Figs with Tahini & Cacao Nibs

For a perfectly healthy mid-afternoon treat, try combining Dried Figs with Tahini and Cacao Nibs – it’s the best! The fig is moist and oh so sweet, while the tahini is smooth and nutty and the cacao nibs, crunchy on top and full of buzz. Alone these ingredients aren’t so fancy, but together in your mouth, they unite to […]

Banana and Coconut Pikelets

I made these delightful little Banana & Coconut Pikelets to take to a playgroup date this morning and my Little Mr R absolutely devoured them. I first got the idea after he was positively impressed with my last batch of Paleo Hot Cakes. The Hot Cakes contain raw cacao, which I personally think is a little too strong for little […]

Paleo Crumbed Chicken with Rainbow Slaw

Paleo Crumbed Chicken – crunchy, succulent, tender and very, very satisfying. It’s meals like this Paleo Crumbed Chicken which make eating paleo and doing the Whole30 so easy, not to mention completely rewarding on so many levels (taste, flavour, visual appeal and the way it makes you feel good from the inside out!) So yes, I […]

The Best Paleo Hot Cakes with Banana, Cacao & Shredded Coconut

This easy and quick to prepare recipe for the Best Paleo Hot Cakes is extremely health giving. There is nothing in these which is inflammatory (no grains, refined sugar, dairy or legumes). They are high in protein (from the egg), contain natural sugar (from the banana), and natural fibire (from the banana and shredded coconut). They […]

Blueberry & Banana Popsicles Recipe

This Blueberry & Banana Popsicles Recipe has got to be one of the easiest and healthiest popsicle recipes on the planet. I made it last week when I was hurrying to pack for a long weekend away. When we travel, I like to pack and take as much food as possible for two reasons: Firstly because […]

Preorder Pete Evans Family Food Cook Book Today!

Pete Evans Family Food Scrolling through Facebook last night, I came across a post on Pete Evans Paleo Food cook book by Chef Pete Evans, who is a strong advocate of the Paleo lifestyle, not to mention a brilliantly successful and passionate chef whose focus in recent years has turned to creating recipes which are […]

Cacao Nut Butter with Cinnamon & Vanilla

I made this delightfully rich, yet not at all sweet Cacao Nut Butter after lunch today to have with a few strawberries for afternoon tea. It was the first time I made a nut butter in my new Vitamix and it turned out a treat so I’ve decided to share my recipe which is 100% […]

Paleo Zucchini Fritters

I made these tasty high protein Paleo Zucchini Fritters for breakfast this morning and they turned out very, very well. They really only have two key ingredients (zucchini and egg), with the optional, but worthy addition of fresh herbs – I chose mint, but parsley or basil or a combination would also do nicely…. as […]

20-Second Paleo Strawberry Sorbet

Spring is here and it feels like Summer today. Bondi is absolutely blissful, like a huge azure lake, shimmering in the sunlight. The breeze is gentle and a perfect match to the warm sun. It’s heaven and worth relaxing in, even for just five minutes…. and so why not do that with a healthy Paleo Strawberry Sorbet […]

Paleo Banana Omelette with Berries

I made this Paleo Banana Omelette with Berries the other day and it was just heavenly. It tasted like nothing I’d ever experienced and maybe that’s because it was my first ‘sweet’ omelette. It was just so good and it would be criminal not to share the recipe, which by the way, was so incredibly simple. […]

Why you should do the Whole30

Why We’re doing it & Why you should do the Whole30 My husband and I are doing the Whole30 [the healthiest, most natural Paleo diet, for 30 days – it’s about ‘what’ we eat, not ‘how much’]. We decided last weekend. The timing was perfect and not even planned, for our first day was Monday, the 1st of September, […]

The Easiest Fruit Free Granola

This is the easiest Fruit Free Granola Recipe ever – with only 4 ingredients for the granola itself, it’s the sort of thing you can make at the last minute (or last half hour anyway)…  particularly if it’s pouring with rain, you have guests coming for breakfast and it’s just far too hard, far too […]

Medjool Dates and Cacao Nibs

Medjool Dates and Cacao Nibs: with two Ingredients, it’s too Easy! Yes, you read right! This Medjool Dates and Cacao Nibs recipe does have just two ingredients, yet I thought it worth blogging, because, it’s not something you think of every day, but it’s bloody good and worth a share, particularly if you like your […]

Healthy Blondie Recipe

Healthy Blondie Recipe – High protein, low-carb and gluten & dairy free too! This healthy blondie recipe is gluten free, refined sugar free and dairy free. Made with almond meal, raw cacao butter, eggs, coconut oil, tahini and maple syrup,  it’s high protein too. I made this recipe after making a batch of my Easy No-Cook Caramel […]

Easy No-Cook Caramel Sauce Recipe

With just Two Ingredients – It’s the easiest Caramel Sauce Recipe on the Planet This Caramel Sauce has got to be the easiest no-cook Caramel Sauce Recipe on the planet. It’s so simple, it barely needs instructions.  With just two ingredients and a ratio of 1:1, you can not possibly go wrong. I’ve got a […]