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The Best Paleo Brownie Recipe

This Paleo Brownie Recipe is the best and healthiest you’ll ever make. They are gluten free, sugar free and dairy free. Made with almond meal, raw cacao, eggs, coconut oil and medjool dates, they are high in protein too. If you’re prone to a little comfort eating now and then, well there’s no harm in […]

Sticky Date & Sweet Potato Slice

With their gorgeously sweet flesh, it’s no wonder that sweet potatoes are so versatile, suitable for both savoury and sweet cooking. Being part of the morning glory plant family, they’re actually not related to regular potatoes either and as such, they are far less starchy.  This Sticky Date & Sweet Potato Slice recipe is wheat free, refined […]

Raw Cacao Workout Bars

These Raw Cacao Workout Bars provide an excellent alternative to your typical store-bought chocolate energy bars. I know there are a lot of ‘healthy’ chocolate bars out there these days, but lets face it, they’re bloody expensive! These babies, on the other hand are cost effective and provide long lasting energy, not to mention you get to keep the […]

Spiced Chocolate Covered Figs

Imagine a treat, which is heaven on the lips, flavour packed, with a smooth chocolate coating and a chewy fruit centre AND imagine if this said treat was: high in calcium, yet dairy free sweet as sweet, but refined sugar free solid ‘chocolate’, yet without emulsifiers and stabilisers Well imagine no more, as dreaming is […]

Roasted Tomato Sauce

Today I’m sharing with you one of my all time favourite recipes – my Roasted Tomato Sauce. It’s so simple, yet so versatile, not to mention so nourishing and delicious. It’s the perfect alternative to store-bought (long-life): Tomato Sauce – which is often full of preservatives and sugar; Tomato Passata – anything with a long […]

Paleo Chocolate Fudge Slab with Banana Cream

This paleo chocolate fudge slab recipe is seriously delicious and it’s inspired by a brownie recipe created by the good people at Kunara Organics (only the best health food store in South East Queensland). Speaking of which, if you’re ever heading to the Sunshine Coast, then it’s worth popping-in to stock-up on supplies for your stay, or […]

Dairy Free Caramel Cream

  I wanted to make something delectable to have with our leftover Banana Oat & Almond Pikelets this morning, so I whipped up this sweet and fluffy Dairy Free Caramel Cream. It’s absolutely heaven and it would be criminal of me not to share the recipe. It’s as easy as pie and takes only moments to prepare. […]

Raspberry & Chocolate Birthday Cake

I made this Raspberry & Chocolate Birthday Cake for my husband’s birthday last month. It’s truly delightful and one of my best inventions yet.  Although you’d never guess (by looking or tasting), it’s even: gluten free; refined sugar free; dairy free; grain free; and paleo. It’s packed full of beautiful whole-food, health-promoting  ingredients and the finished […]

Bliss Balls with Goji Berries, Cashew Nuts & Dates

These little balls of goodness are made from naturally sweet medjool dates, high-antioxidant superfood goji berries and the humble yet creamy textured cashew nut, with a little flavour enhancement from nothing less natural than freshly scraped vanilla bean seeds. I made this recipe, like so many of my quick and easy snacks on a whim […]

Healthy Carrot Cake Muffins

I made these delightfully Healthy Carrot Cake Muffins, for a lovely friend of mine who had recently had a baby. I had thought about making a nourishing stew or a lasagne, but then I remembered that these are all meals she can enjoy preparing at night, when her husband is home to help with the baby. […]

Dairy-free & Wheat-free Hot Cross Buns

Having never made Hot Cross Buns before, I sought the guidance of Gourmet Traveller. It turns out that it’s kind of easy and apart from the addition of an egg and a little sugar, it’s really not too different to regular bread. You can find GT’s Hot Cross Buns recipe here. That said, I couldn’t help […]

Chai Spiced Fudge

Turn your Easter feasting around (make it a healthy one!) with this guilt-free chai spiced fudge. It’s so healthy that you will feel fantastic, even after your second, third and forth helpings! It’s raw, which means it’s set in the fridge. It takes minutes to create and leaves next to no mess too! It’s completely […]

Banana Oat & Almond Pikelets

Sometimes it’s just a little bit fun to have something different for breakfast, morning, or afternoon tea and these pikelets are just the thing to put a smile on your and your child’s face, not to mention your colleagues when you whip up a batch for your work morning tea. Like any pikelet, these Banana Oat […]