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Wholemeal Spelt Pizza Base

This pizza base recipe uses wholemeal spelt flour, which does contain gluten, however, if it’s only wheat you’re sensitive to, then you this recipe is likely to really appeal to you. The method below considers kneading by hand, but if you have a thermomix, Kitchen Aid or another type of mixmaster or food processor with […]

Coconut Caramel Sauce

This recipe has only  two ingredients, so it’s super easy to prepare. Pour it over Banana & Blueberry Hotcakes, fruit salad, or serve with a chocolate dessert such as our Banana, Carob & Almond Tart. Or you could even pour a little over our Instant Soft-Serve Ice-Cream too! Makes 200mL Tools (Without a blender) Fork […]

Coconut, Kale & Nectarine Salad

This salad is something I made when I had a lot of nectarines, which I needed to use fast. It’s a great side to grilled meat, particularly pork, which always ties sweetly with sweet fruit – apples too course. So here it is – give it a go! Serves 2  Tools Frying pan Steamer/Saucepan Ingredients […]

Chocolate Stuffed Dates

 This is a dessert worth dying, or at least holding-out-for as the smooth and creamy chocolate centres compliant the naturally super-sweet dates perfectly. They taste just like caramel and chocolate rolled into one. Think ‘Mars Bar’ and you’ve got the idea exactly. They are truly that good, but so much healthier! FYI – Fresh dates have […]